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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rose Returns!

News has broken (as you probably already know) that Rose Tyler (as played by the luvly Billie Piper) will be returning for a few episodes in S4.

So, with Jack back, we can now assume that for the series finale we will have Donna, Martha, Jack and Rose teamed up with the Doctor to defeat some menace so huge that it threatens multiple universes, not just our own, and the Doctor has to bridge the gap to involve Rose. Maybe she's needed to look into the heart of the Tardis again and become the Bad Wolf to save us all?

I reckon that this story arc will be Russell T. Davies' swan song and that he wants his reign as supremo to end with a bang. A good one. Pulling out all the stops and bringing back all the characters that he created and/or revived. Expect to see The Master teamed up with Davros, both using the Daleks to fight the Cybermen and lure the Doctor into a trap that involves the destruction of both universes. I expect it will be set on New Earth with a cameo from Cassandra. Capt Jack will meet The Face of Boe and there will be an innuendo overload resulting in massive disturbances (or "cracks", fnarr-fnarr) in the time/space continuum. The Toclafane will once more descend (or "go down") upon the population of the earth and wipe them all out, leaving a molten pile of radioactive space rock for the Slitheen to scavenge and sell off for a profit to the Sontarans to fund their space war with the Rutans who are in league with the Ood. And those robot santa things.


David said...

It will be RTD's swansong sort-off, but I expect the three specials to have his fingerprints all over them, the last gasp before the transition.

I suspect the bang will be the death of at least one companion.

Kopic said...

>I suspect the bang will be the death of at least one companion.

I hadn't thought of that, but now you mention it... Sounds like one thing RTD hasn't done yet but would like to add to his checklist!

capemary said...

If it weren't for the fact that DT will be in the 3 specials, I would have suspected a regeneration to occur after the multi-companion double header- a new Dr with no or little interest in Rose/Martha/Donna.
But who knows what will come out of the great and wonderful mind of R Davies. I for one am not ready for the ride to end.

David said...

Yep, ride to the end.

I am opening a book on which companion dies. My money is on Donna.

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