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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rose Returns!

News has broken (as you probably already know) that Rose Tyler (as played by the luvly Billie Piper) will be returning for a few episodes in S4.

So, with Jack back, we can now assume that for the series finale we will have Donna, Martha, Jack and Rose teamed up with the Doctor to defeat some menace so huge that it threatens multiple universes, not just our own, and the Doctor has to bridge the gap to involve Rose. Maybe she's needed to look into the heart of the Tardis again and become the Bad Wolf to save us all?

I reckon that this story arc will be Russell T. Davies' swan song and that he wants his reign as supremo to end with a bang. A good one. Pulling out all the stops and bringing back all the characters that he created and/or revived. Expect to see The Master teamed up with Davros, both using the Daleks to fight the Cybermen and lure the Doctor into a trap that involves the destruction of both universes. I expect it will be set on New Earth with a cameo from Cassandra. Capt Jack will meet The Face of Boe and there will be an innuendo overload resulting in massive disturbances (or "cracks", fnarr-fnarr) in the time/space continuum. The Toclafane will once more descend (or "go down") upon the population of the earth and wipe them all out, leaving a molten pile of radioactive space rock for the Slitheen to scavenge and sell off for a profit to the Sontarans to fund their space war with the Rutans who are in league with the Ood. And those robot santa things.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Highs and Lows

Mixed feelings today...

It started off on a high by celebrating Doctor Who's 44th Anniversary. Yay!

And then news broke that one of the creators of Doctor Who waaaaaay back in 1963, Verity Lambert, died yesterday at the age of 71. Add to this that Peter Haining, author of various Doctor Who reference works, died earlier this week, and we have a very confused day.

Kopic and friends send condolences to the families and friends of Verity and Peter.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The podKast Five!

Well, here it is... podKast (with a K) number five!. Filled with the usual eclectic mix of views delivered in the unique K style! Special guest this time is a larger than life visitor from another universe and someone is unwell...

This is an ideal time to thank Christian and the guys at Kasterborous.com for their support and encouragement over the last few years. Keep checking their site for more reviews and articles over the coming months, including a special something from yours truly... :-)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Time Crash

Gosh, wasn't that good? Peter Davison has always been one of my favourite Doctors and to see him back in his "crickety cricket" costume was... well... fantastic! I can see what people mean now when they compare the youthful energy of these two incarnations. Story was simple but effective and neatly slips into canon without upsetting anything or anyone. My inner fan boy got all tingly towards the end during the goodbye bit - nicely played by the pair of them. Some great lines, too. "Brave choice - stick of celery. But fair play to you, not many men can carry off a decorative vegetable!". In how many TV programs are you likely to hear dialogue like that, hmmm?

Not long now until the Feast of Kylie... I mean Christmas and the Voyage of the Damned! I can't wait...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Children in Need - Dr Who Scene

Don't forget to watch the special Dr Who scene written by Steven Moffat, entitled "Time Crash", on the BBC's Children in Need charity bash tonight!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google / Hertford Museum Exibition

Wow. Stunned. When I started collecting sundry Doctor Who News into one easily accessible portal type page I had the crazy ambition of getting my site listed in the top 10 results on Google when anyone searched for "doctor who news". Guess what? Today and totally at random, on the off-chance, I thought I'd check again and it's happened! I have achieved one of my goals after two and bit years. Feel free to go and check it for yourself and click the link :-)

One caveat that I'll add is that it's the blog version of Kopic's Doctor Who and Torchwood News - I recently switched from hosting my own pages to moving the content full time over to my existing blog. This move may have had something to do with the move up the rankings - maybe Google reckons that content on blogspot is more worthy of higher rankings. Hmmm... don't Google own blogspot....? :-D

Hertford Museum
I also want to point out that a local (local to me, anyway!) museum in Hertford is running a Doctor Who exhibition from 28th November to 12th April to celebrate "local people's passion for all things Doctor Who". Jeff Cummins' (Target book illustrator) artwork is featured as he lives nearby in Ware and will be judging the results of a drawing contest when the exhibition finishes in April. Go and have a look!

And Now For The News...