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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google / Hertford Museum Exibition

Wow. Stunned. When I started collecting sundry Doctor Who News into one easily accessible portal type page I had the crazy ambition of getting my site listed in the top 10 results on Google when anyone searched for "doctor who news". Guess what? Today and totally at random, on the off-chance, I thought I'd check again and it's happened! I have achieved one of my goals after two and bit years. Feel free to go and check it for yourself and click the link :-)

One caveat that I'll add is that it's the blog version of Kopic's Doctor Who and Torchwood News - I recently switched from hosting my own pages to moving the content full time over to my existing blog. This move may have had something to do with the move up the rankings - maybe Google reckons that content on blogspot is more worthy of higher rankings. Hmmm... don't Google own blogspot....? :-D

Hertford Museum
I also want to point out that a local (local to me, anyway!) museum in Hertford is running a Doctor Who exhibition from 28th November to 12th April to celebrate "local people's passion for all things Doctor Who". Jeff Cummins' (Target book illustrator) artwork is featured as he lives nearby in Ware and will be judging the results of a drawing contest when the exhibition finishes in April. Go and have a look!

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