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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nearly there...

Only one more day and I'm fit to burst in an explosion of gooey excitement! The news is just flooding in... mainly interviews and pics of Freema and the rumour mill abounds with wild stories of returning old enemies (and friends). I'm sure that the fantastic FreemaAgyeman.com is going to go into overdrive now trying to keep up. Head on over there and have a good look around at the comprehensive news coverage, as well as background info on the good lady herself.

Speaking of the fabulous Freema, Kopic wishes her all the best for her future with Doctor Who and looks forward to maybe meeting her one day at a convention! :-)

Seen the extended trailer on the BBCi red button, yet? You can also watch a tiny, jumpy, blurry version on the BBC Dr Who web site. Go check it out and marvel at the sheer creepiness of John Simm's biiig smile at the end. Spooky. Getting him involved in Doctor Who was a masterstroke.

I might not have time to post again before the first episode has aired... so enjoy!

Finally, for now, if you like to also have a chuckle whilst listening to podcasts about Doctor Who then check out the very first podKast (with a K) from Kasterborous.com

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 Days To Go!

Dr Who
In the news today we have the final story title announced, "Last Of The Time Lords". This is the second part of the season finale begun with "The Sound of Drums". This two part story will also star John Simm as the mysterious Mr Saxon. Now, what could "Last Of The Time Lords" mean? Do we think it will mean The Doctor finally finds proof once and for all that he is not the last of his people? If so, who could this mysterious other Time Lord be? A truly masterful question. For my money I reckon The Face of Boe will deliver his four word message to The Doctor in Episode 3,"Gridlock", and the message will be "You Are Not Alone", and then we wait until the season finale to find out what Old Facey Boy was on about.

BAFTA for Neill Gorton's Millennium FX?
Good luck to Neil and the gang having just been nominated for a BAFTA for their work on The Catherine Tate Show! :-) For those who don't know, Millennium FX have been heavily involved in the resurrection of Doctor Who supplying such fantastic prosthetics/make-up as the new cybermen, the clockwork androids and the ood and won a "Welsh BAFTA" last year for their work on the series. Neill is a multi-award winning prosthetic make-up artist who has been in the business for over 20 years. Go Neill!

As ever, I really do appreciate any comments or suggestions you have on Kopic's DWTN, so feel free to email me anytime and I promise to reply to all emails that I receive.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

9 Days To Go!

Dr Who Series 3
Wow! I don't remember feeling this excited about the start of series 2. Maybe I have new enthusiasm due to a new companion and the possibility we might see more of other planets apart from the Earth (or New New New New New New Earth....). Well, the moon is a step in the right direction, I suppose. Maybe in series 4 (yes, it HAS been confirmed) we'll get as far as Mars (Ice Warriors, anyone?) or as far out as Pluto (Sun Makers, anyone?). We know the Beeb can do alien planets - I just luuurve the opening shots of Doomsday (or Army of Ghosts - whichever episode it was) with Rose and the Doc on that planet with the alien birdy things in the distance. Here's hoping...

There's a whole shedload of coverage for series 3 in the media now following yesterday's press launch. Be very careful out there on the web if you want to avoid spoilers. Most of the regular Dr Who sites will hide spoilers so that you have to actively do something to read them, but the same can't be said about other news sites - particularly the tabloids. So you have been warned!

Life On Mars
Changing subject now. Isn't "Life on Mars" just getting better and better? The opening scenes of this week's episode with the Camberwick Green sequence were sheer genius. "Where's DCI Hunt? Oh, there he is. Kicking in a nonce." Brilliant! Isn't John Simm a fine actor, eh? Wonder what he'll be doing once LOM is finished...?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Red Nose Day / New Content

You probably noticed the addition to the site of a little feature offering you the opportunity to buy a choccie picture of Doctor Who with a portion of the proceeds going towards Comic Relief's Red Nose Day appeal. So go buy some chocolate, stuff your face and feel content in the knowledge that you helped to improve the quality of life for some poor unfortunates while at the same time wishing you hadn't eaten so much chocolate...

I've also added some BBC regional sites (Wales, Norfolk and Somerset) into my news gathering because they have regularly updated features on Doctor Who where it relates to their region, e.g. filming locations, local celebrities, etc.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

20 Days and Counting!

Doctor Who
Hoping for more consistent high quality stuff this year. Cut the Boomtown and Love 'n' Monsters type stories out and I'm sure the average perceived quality of the show will go up! Of course, this is subjective and purely my own humble opinion. :-)

On another note, RTD was interviewed in The Telegraph and hinted that S4 might be his last as show runner. Whilst I applaud everything that he has done for the show I do think that some fresh blood at the helm would be a "good thing". I hope that means we can get away from Earth a little more often. Really away... not just visiting different times or New Earths. The TARDIS can travel in time AND space, after all. So, let's have a bit more of the latter, eh?

Web Awards
...and if you haven't already voted for Kopic's Doctor Who and Torchwood News in the Herts24 Web Awards, then I would be eternally grateful if you could! Please? Pretty please? :-)

Vote 4 Kopic!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I'm expanding my blog to cover all my news sites. You've probably noticed that line at the top of each page which links to them all. This is part of my efforts to bring it all under the one umbrella of "Kopic's News Network"

And Now For The News...