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Thursday, March 22, 2007

9 Days To Go!

Dr Who Series 3
Wow! I don't remember feeling this excited about the start of series 2. Maybe I have new enthusiasm due to a new companion and the possibility we might see more of other planets apart from the Earth (or New New New New New New Earth....). Well, the moon is a step in the right direction, I suppose. Maybe in series 4 (yes, it HAS been confirmed) we'll get as far as Mars (Ice Warriors, anyone?) or as far out as Pluto (Sun Makers, anyone?). We know the Beeb can do alien planets - I just luuurve the opening shots of Doomsday (or Army of Ghosts - whichever episode it was) with Rose and the Doc on that planet with the alien birdy things in the distance. Here's hoping...

There's a whole shedload of coverage for series 3 in the media now following yesterday's press launch. Be very careful out there on the web if you want to avoid spoilers. Most of the regular Dr Who sites will hide spoilers so that you have to actively do something to read them, but the same can't be said about other news sites - particularly the tabloids. So you have been warned!

Life On Mars
Changing subject now. Isn't "Life on Mars" just getting better and better? The opening scenes of this week's episode with the Camberwick Green sequence were sheer genius. "Where's DCI Hunt? Oh, there he is. Kicking in a nonce." Brilliant! Isn't John Simm a fine actor, eh? Wonder what he'll be doing once LOM is finished...?

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