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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nearly there...

Only one more day and I'm fit to burst in an explosion of gooey excitement! The news is just flooding in... mainly interviews and pics of Freema and the rumour mill abounds with wild stories of returning old enemies (and friends). I'm sure that the fantastic FreemaAgyeman.com is going to go into overdrive now trying to keep up. Head on over there and have a good look around at the comprehensive news coverage, as well as background info on the good lady herself.

Speaking of the fabulous Freema, Kopic wishes her all the best for her future with Doctor Who and looks forward to maybe meeting her one day at a convention! :-)

Seen the extended trailer on the BBCi red button, yet? You can also watch a tiny, jumpy, blurry version on the BBC Dr Who web site. Go check it out and marvel at the sheer creepiness of John Simm's biiig smile at the end. Spooky. Getting him involved in Doctor Who was a masterstroke.

I might not have time to post again before the first episode has aired... so enjoy!

Finally, for now, if you like to also have a chuckle whilst listening to podcasts about Doctor Who then check out the very first podKast (with a K) from Kasterborous.com

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