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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lies, Darned Lies and Headlines!

I'm starting to think we should be boycotting The Sun newspaper. For the simple reason that this week it has printed two blatant lies about the show. The first was that Freema Agyeman had been sacked and the second, today, that the show itself would be cancelled after series 4. Neither of these stories are true. In my opinion the second story is a reaction to the rebuttal by the BBC and various fansites - a purely spiteful jibe at the program. The second story about cancellation probably has the tiniest grain of truth at the centre (like all good lies) in that it's quite possible that Russell T Davies could/would be leaving then but there's almost certainly no truth in the cancellation of the show - it's a ratings/earnings hit for the BBC that they haven't seen the like of for ages and they'd be completely barking mad to cancel it while it brings in the revenue and viewers that it does.

The Sun is quite clearly not interested in reporting the truth and are merely looking to sell newspapers based on sensationalist lies. The real problem with reporting lies like this is that a lot of people will believe them based purely on the false premise that "if it's in the papers then it must be true".

This is all somewhat of a shock to me because The Sun has always been a big supporter of the show through the years with various populist campaigns to save the show itself, K9, daleks, etc.

So, let's join the fabulous fansite freemaagyeman.com in boycotting The Sun, shall we?

See also Freema NOT Sacked for an excellent round-up of reaction to the earlier story.

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