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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Daleks In Manhattan

Why do I keep thinking about Muppets when I hear that title?
This was not bad. Not bad at all. Nice to see a little more exposition and plot development that the 2 part format allows. Really enjoyed the romantic balcony scene between Diagoras and the Dalek. It was refreshing to hear a dalek holding a conversation for a change rather than the usual shrieking back and forth. Tallulah could've made a good companion in the traditional running-around-screaming-and-asking-questions mould, she was quite interesting and I actually cared about what happened to her, along with her unfortunate pig-faced boyfriend... Who then got turned into a half-pig/half-human hybrid ;-)

Looking forward to part two. Hope it lives up to the promise of part 1!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Wowser! S3 so far...

I can honestly say that, IMHO, S3 is shaping up to be the best of New-Who so far. Our return visit to New Earth this week knocks spots off the previous visits. Anyway, down to business...

3.1 Smith and Jones
The Judoon were pretty cool and the FX were fantastic. One quibble is about the H2O scoop thing... How did the electricity keep running when the hospital was disconnected from the mains? Maybe it had a generator, but aren't they usually in separate buildings? Freema shone as the new companion and showed excellent promise for being able to keep the doctor in check.

3.2 The Shakespeare Code
Another great outing for Mr Smith and Miss Jones. Loved Shakespeare's "Hey nonny nonny!" exclamation when he first saw Martha. Made me laugh out loud! Anyone remember Blackadder? The witches were pretty good in a classic hook-nose cackling sort of way as you would expect from 16th century england. The "you can use that line" joke wore a bit thin after a while but recovered well with the "that's one of mine" punchline. Medieval london was stunning to look at even if the populace were a bit nonchalant about the strangely attired visitors.

3.3 Gridlock
Interesting look at how our traffic problems will evolve... and how a classic series monster will devolve ;-) The production team certainly seem to have got to grips with new Who now and know how to write for DT's doctor who has given a slightly toned down performance from the last series and is more believable for it. I won't spoil what happens with Boe or the message he gives, but I think we're in for some cool stuff in the rest of the series. Daleks next week, and I can't wait...

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