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Monday, June 11, 2007

Blink...and you're dead

Wow, wasn't that fantastic? Trying to find fault with it but I can't, as everything worked so well. This was so scary that my 7yo daughter hasn't slept since she saw it. We have now had to ban her from rewatching it (after third viewing yesterday!) until she's a bit older. So, finally, (New) Dr Who delivers on it's promise to make children watch from behind the sofa (or raised cushions in our case because there's no room behind the sofa!). It didn't help with a song in "Any Dream Will Do..." afterwards containing the line "Walk like an angel..." - thanks Elvis. ;-) For sheer creeps, the weeping angels easily beat the scarecrows this series.

I still can't believe how good this series has been. A fast paced opener with Smith, Jones and Judoon on the Moon followed by a spook-fest of Shakespearean witchery topped off with layers and layers of smog-bound cars locked into a grid with a bad dose of crabs. Muppets (sorry, "Daleks") in Manhattan playing the DNA strings accompanied by Professor Lazarus on the sonic wave manipulator who was drowned out by The Doctor's power-boosted organ before we plunged headlong into boiling plasma. We then discussed the nature of being human whilst twisting more DNA into strings and have ended up here, where the angels weep for their loneliness... Next week we travel further into the future than even the Time Lords travelled and yet again discover the remnants of humanity clinging to life - more Dystopia than Utopia, methinks. And then the finale. A crescendo of drums to herald the arrival of "The Last Time Lord." Last? I think not!

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