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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 Days To Go!

Dr Who
In the news today we have the final story title announced, "Last Of The Time Lords". This is the second part of the season finale begun with "The Sound of Drums". This two part story will also star John Simm as the mysterious Mr Saxon. Now, what could "Last Of The Time Lords" mean? Do we think it will mean The Doctor finally finds proof once and for all that he is not the last of his people? If so, who could this mysterious other Time Lord be? A truly masterful question. For my money I reckon The Face of Boe will deliver his four word message to The Doctor in Episode 3,"Gridlock", and the message will be "You Are Not Alone", and then we wait until the season finale to find out what Old Facey Boy was on about.

BAFTA for Neill Gorton's Millennium FX?
Good luck to Neil and the gang having just been nominated for a BAFTA for their work on The Catherine Tate Show! :-) For those who don't know, Millennium FX have been heavily involved in the resurrection of Doctor Who supplying such fantastic prosthetics/make-up as the new cybermen, the clockwork androids and the ood and won a "Welsh BAFTA" last year for their work on the series. Neill is a multi-award winning prosthetic make-up artist who has been in the business for over 20 years. Go Neill!

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