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Monday, November 19, 2007

Time Crash

Gosh, wasn't that good? Peter Davison has always been one of my favourite Doctors and to see him back in his "crickety cricket" costume was... well... fantastic! I can see what people mean now when they compare the youthful energy of these two incarnations. Story was simple but effective and neatly slips into canon without upsetting anything or anyone. My inner fan boy got all tingly towards the end during the goodbye bit - nicely played by the pair of them. Some great lines, too. "Brave choice - stick of celery. But fair play to you, not many men can carry off a decorative vegetable!". In how many TV programs are you likely to hear dialogue like that, hmmm?

Not long now until the Feast of Kylie... I mean Christmas and the Voyage of the Damned! I can't wait...

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