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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Eleventh Hour Approaches

Wow! Four months since my last blog. How time flies!

Speaking of Time, with a capital T, I've just seen the trailer (as premiered at Comic Con) for "The End of Time" - this year's two-part Christmas special and... David Tennant's last regular outing as The Doctor! And man, does it rock! Even through the shaky-vision camera style and the muffled sound it looked fab. It was sooo good it almost made me stop thinking about Series 5 next year with Matt Smith and the delectable Karen Gillan.

The Eleventh Doctor's costume was a bit of a surprise at first and, I must say, I am hugely disappointed that the Beeb didn't release a proper publicity shot ahead of the papparazzi shots we got on the day of filming. A nice shot of Matt and Karen in costume standing in front of the newly redesigned TARDIS exterior wouldn't have gone amiss. However, that candid first picture of the two of them sharing a laugh whilst sat on the steps of a trailer IS very good - it captures the chemistry between the two nicely. So good in fact that a close up of their faces now adorns my computer desktop, and accompanies this post.

Critique-wise, the Doc's costume grew on me rapidly - it reminds me of a cross between Patrick Troughton and Indiana Jones' professorial outfit. It also reminds me of how a friend of mine used to dress twenty years ago - yes, he was a big Dr Who fan!

So, it's all looking good for the future of Dr Who with some excellent looking specials coming up to cap the Tennant/Davies years and some good casting and design decisions for Series 5 and beyond!

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fulvisionent said...

It took no time at all for the 11th Doctor's garb to grow on me, since I consider it a welcome return to more "vintage" apparel.

As much as I love Eccleston and Tennant and their respective looks, they both had that sort of "boyfriend" quality with their companions because of their rather contemporary, street apparel. Smith's Doctor looks like a teacher, a man whose wisdom and knowledge far exceeds his apparent outward age, and it appears he will have that sort of professorial relationship with Gillan's Amy Pond.

I was sure Steven Moffatt would do great things with his DOCTOR WHO, and the casting and wardrobe for next season are the first indicators that I was right.

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