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Monday, December 06, 2010

I've been a bad blogger...

Hello! I've been naughty - I hope Santa will forgive me! I haven't blogged since January and I feel very guilty. I have been very busy with work for the past six months but am now coming out of that heightened busy state to a more normal "business as usual" way of working so I want to get back to updating the blog and maintaining the news feed more regularly.

On the subject of Doctor Who, I just want to say how great Matt Smith is as the 11th Doctor. Quite easy to understand what the producers saw in him at the interview waaay back in the middle of 2008. Wasn't that a long time ago? And doesn't David Tennant seem like a distant memory now that Smith has stamped his personality all over the role?

The Sarah Jane Adventures continue to impress me more with each series. I am convinced that Clyde would make an excellent companion to The Doctor. Maybe when Amy and Rory move on, he should fill their shoes?

I have high hopes for Torchwood S4 with it being co-produced by Starz - who brought us the fabulously gory and rather rude Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Don't forget to check out the superb "Ultimate Regeneration" book from the nice folk at Kasterborous. It is a compilation of news, reviews and articles covering the first five years of the return of Doctor Who to encompass the RTD area. 50% of the book is new material to put all the varied articles into context - with some of those articles written by yours truly. Check it out here...

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