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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Waters of Mars

I don't know about Mars, but my waters are certainly flowing! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Those of you listening in to the Christian O'Connell Breakfast show on Absolute radio this week would have heard guest host David Tennant reveal a little teaser about WOTM - he said that after a really big explosion The Doctor does or says something really out of character. We know The Doctor is aware of his impending doom and regeneration so this must be some of that angst working it's way out.

If you missed the shows, why not download the podcasts?


P.S. NASA has announced that they HAVE found water on the Moon. I am unusually and rather strangely excited by this news!


Danna Hobart said...

The Waters of Mars has not played on BBC America yet, but thankfully, someone uploaded it on youtube, so I have seen it. I was quite surprised by what the Doctor said, and how things turned out. I will be very sad to see David Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor come to an end. I have a bit of a crush on the character, but Matt Smith is too young for me to be crushing on, so I don't know how I am going to handle the regeneration.

Is there any news on whether Torchwood has been renewed for another season?

Kopic said...

Hey Danna, sorry I took so long to publish your comment. See my latest blog post for a lame excuse... :)

Torchwood S4 is definitely a go - we just don't know what format it will be yet. I would love another 5-day event, but I suspect it'll be a regular 13 part series. I just hope RTD writes fewer of the episodes or at least has a collaborator who can steer him away from his excesses. There's no doubt that RTD has written some of the best ever episodes of DW (Midnight, Turn Left) and TW (and I enjoyed Queer As Folk, too) but he has also committed some of the worst atrocities when unchecked (snogging companions, constant gay references, and "Love and Monsters" to name but a few!)

I will be deeply, deeply saddened to see DT leave - but what a legacy he's leaving us! One of the best actors ever to play the Doctor. I'm right with him on the quite while you're ahead plan. I am also looking forward to seeing what the lanky long-haired young-fogey Doctor #11 will turn out like!

Ever onwards!

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