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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures!

Tomorrow (Thu 15th Oct) sees the return to our screens of the fabulous Sarah Jane Adventures - and with two episodes per week shown on Thursdays and Fridays that means you can record them both and sit down to watch them in on sitting. Preferably on a Saturday tea time surrounded by the family with the cold winds blowing outside and curtains shut to keep out the dreary real world. In other words, the traditional time and place for Doctor Who! Not on a sunny summer's day when you've all been out for the day or are round at a friend's house having a barbecue.

"Prisoner of the Judoon" this week. Should be interesting, but I can't wait for "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith" where we get to see HIMSELF take part in the story, not just a cameo. Read more about this at Kasterborous


For a chance to see a BIG SCREEN preview go to Liverpool ONE cinema which is hosting a Sarah Jane Adventures themed weekend event as reported by Whoviannet and SarahJane.tv

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