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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Journey's End...and what a journey it's been!

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that the series finale was a ratings hit, can you? Kopic thought it was fantastic with some great character pieces from Tennant , Tate and Cribbins (dear god, why doesn't Cribbins have a knighthood?!?!?). OK, the the story was a little weak towards the end with yet another example of how the daleks get totally wiped out...again... but it felt good with lots of multi-series arcs coming to a seeming close and neatly underlining the RTD era. I hope that the specials next year are free of the last four years baggage and take the Doctor to new places and times. Would be nice to see a lot less of Earth and more exotic alien environments - or how about a nice space saga with battle fleets and politics and guerilla warfare and resistance movements and...and... just something NEW!

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Wowzer! Love it or hate it, the finale sure had an impact on viewing figures after the regeneration cliffhanger at the end of The Stolen Earth which achieved 8.8m viewers. Unofficial figures put the total at 9.8m (count them!) for Journey's End which is on a par with last Christmas' Voyage of The Damned. So, whether you felt cheated by the resolution to the cliffhanger or not, the fact remains that it added around 1m viewers to the total that might not have otherwise watched. Clever RTD! For more fun with facts and figures, try Broadcastnow where they reveal that the average figure for Doctor Who over it's 13 week run was 7.3m. Now that's a healthy figure!

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