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Friday, April 04, 2008

The excitement builds to fever pitch!

The latest edition of Kopic's Newsround is now online at Kasterborous.com and here's a preview...
Wahey! At last the media feeding frenzy has begun! Tuesday evening saw the press preview and Doctor Who was all over the papers and the interweb the following day with some mixed reactions, but mostly positive.
Mind you, what amused me most was the fact that a few Doctor Who stories got published earlier on that day. That day being 1st April, I hasten to add. First up, we had the revelation (mentioned in the last Newsround… because it amused me so) that Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack would be getting it on in the next series of Torchwood! Thanks to Torchwood.tv’s mysterious correspondent for that wonderful wind-up!

The 3rd and final part of the Kasterborous Round Table 2007 should also be on line today for your perusal. Go visit. Read more articles. While you're there, why not join the forum and join in with the debate amongst a bunch of fans with a more mature view of the world than some other forums. When I say mature, I mean fans that are constructive rather than destructive towards the show they profess to love.


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