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Friday, February 08, 2008

Torchwood: Meat

An excellent episode, IMHO. Two in a row. I don't have any quibbles with this one, so if they can keep up this standard then it will all have been worthwhile! :)

I thought Kai Owen gave an outstanding performance as Rhys and gets my award for "The Most Appropriate Use In Character Of The F Word In An Episode Of Torchwood" for that wonderful shouting match with Gwen. Great drama. Did anyone notice that the louder they got the more Welsh they sounded? So, kudos to Eve Myles and Kai Owen for bringing fantastic drama to Torchwood.

There were no cringe moments for me this week. Even Jack's joke about eating alien meat was funny.

This gets a definite thumbs-up and a 9 out of 10.

As an aside, to anyone out there who wonders why we people who write about Doctor Who and Torchwood criticize the shows we profess to love, I say this... We genuinely love these shows and what they stand for, but there's always room for improvement and open and honest debate. This is true for every aspect of life, not just our TV shows. That's why we become involved in politics, become school governors, do voluntary work, join discussion groups, etc...

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