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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Return of The Sontarans

The Sun is reporting today that Christopher Ryan (most famous as Mike from The Young Ones) will be playing a Sontaran in Series 4 of Doctor Who. I think this is fantastic news - I've always liked the Sontarans and their simple militaristic view of the universe and I'd like to see them get a makeover much like the Klingons did in Star Trek: The Next Generation and onwards. Let's have an insight into what makes them tick, let's see Sontar (their homeworld) itself. Let's have some story and not just some gimmicky inclusion for the sake of it (like the Macra suffered in Gridlock).

So, bearing in mind this is a Sun story, let's hope it's true. It has the ring of truth as they are actually quoting Christopher Ryan himself, and they wouldn't make that up. If it was made up they'd be quoting "sources at the BBC".

Check out some video clips to get some background on the Sontarans.

Fingers crossed!

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