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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kopic's News Round

A bit late, I know, but did you notice that I was writing news round-ups for Kasterborous.com for the past two weeks? No? Oh, well. Maybe I should have blogged about it sooner rather than later! Keep watching, I may be doing it again sometime later this year...

Anyway, the series came to a climactic end since my last post here and I can't help feeling that although it was great, visually exciting entertainment with some squee-worthy fanboy moments they somehow dropped the quality ball in a murky puddle. Don't get me wrong, "Utopia" was brilliant (well, the last 15 minutes anyway) and it was mind-blowingly fantastic to see John Simm as a mad psychopathic Master, but what was all that add-100-years-to-The-Doctor stuff about? He's a Time Lord for heaven's sake! Surely he should have just gone a bit grey at the temples (and put on a few pounds) and not turned into Dobby the House Elf. Something else that jarred with me was the bomb in Martha's flat - funny that it should be timed to go off just as they are there and Mr Saxon makes his broadcast. Right on cue. Looked good, though. Oh, and were the armed police trained by the A-Team? Martha's car should have been a sieve within seconds.

And Martha? Why oh why have they shipped her off to Torchwood?!?!? She turned out to be a great companion and what's her reward? Send her off to a show with lower ratings that can't be watched by the massive fan-base of children that she's acquired? I know she'll be back, but why couldn't we have 13 more weeks of Martha instead of the dubious Donna Noble as played by Catherine Tate? Unlike some, I don't think the return of Donna is such a bad piece of news - towards the end of The Runaway Bride she showed definite potential for the emotional range needed of a new series companion and I'd much rather see some continuity rather than introduce ANOTHER new character, BUT (and this is the point I'm getting too) this should only have been done if Freema had wanted to leave the series. However, we're not privvy to production team discussions and for all we know Freema requested a sabbatical to catch her breath. As for the new dynamic towards the end of next series - I can't really see Donna and Martha getting along. Maybe the Doctor's role will be as peacekeeper... Could be good. Finger's crossed, eh?!?!

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