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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Torchwood, Dr Who and GEOS

I received the following email today regarding the Global Episode Opinion Survey...

The Global Episode Opinion Survey (GEOS) is a worldwide episode
survey of nearly 90 current and classic genre TV shows. The aim of
the survey is to determine the average score of each episode for a
series as determined by fans.

There are currently over 11,000 registered voters participating in
the survey. Results are also broken down by season, as well as
different demographics such as age of each GEOS member, sex, and
country of origin.

It is known to us that writers and producers of the shows often use
GEOS to gauge how storylines have been received by fans.

Torchwood (and the new Doctor Who) is a recent addition to GEOS, and
while fan interest is high, participation in the survey has been slow
to gain momentum. A message of support and a link to us on your web
site would encourage fan participation and ensure the Survey results
have some meaning. The URL is:


We appreciate any support you can provide Torchwood in the Survey.

So, go and check out the Doctor Who and Torchwood pages and remember to vote! I know I will...


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