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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Site makeover/language filter

It's been at least a few months since the last redesign and what with Torchwood coming along... Everything Changes! :-)

Actually, it's just a small tidy-up and change of colour. I think the orange piping effect is a bit too "in your face" so I'm toning it down to a smaller pipe and making it red in honor of the Torchwood logo. Also making sure that the page will be no more than 800 pixels wide so that people with smaller screen resolutions can view it better. I recently discovered that just over 12% of visitors use the 800x600 resolution which came as a bit of a shock, so to ensure those people can still get their regular dosage of Kopic's Dr Who News Service I am cutting some of the fat out of the window!

I've also implemented a very simplistic filter to try and mask out some of the bad words that people use in their blogs. If you find any links get broken as a result of having *'s inserted please let me know. Thanks!

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